Why do I need a Xades BES Signer ?

Nowadays, the electronic invoice is mandatory for citizens or enterprises at many countries.

It allows the government to have real time information about business operations. Also it gives speed to the administrative processes.

An electronic invoice must be signed to guarantee its validity.

Some countries like Ecuador, Italy and Spain, require to sign the documents with Xades BES .

So we offer a Windows Native Xades Signer; It does not need Java or .Net .

It is a 32/64 bits DLL and you can use it with legacy and new information systems in many programming languages:

C++, FoxPro, Pascal/Delphi, Visual Basic, Clarion, PowerBuilder, ABAP (SAP), Velneo, Java, .Net (C# o Sharp y VB), X++ (dynamics AX), PHP, ASP, Python, Genexus, xBase++ (clipper), x Harbour (Fivewin, Xailer), Windev (wlanguage), Visual Objects, Objective-C (ObjC) and more.

In order to verify our signer is OK for you country, you can send us an original XML, a signed XML and the test certificate, usually in .p12 or pfx format.

So we will send you a trial version and later the license if you decide to buy.

The price for the Xades Signer is $100 USD for 1 machine.

If your XML have a Tax ID (RUC or RFC), we can sell you a version to sign documents of that Tax ID in any computer.

The price for 1 TaxID in N machines is $300 USD, additional TaxIDs cost $60 USD.

Alonso Mevaz - alonso(dot)mevaz(a t)gmail(do t)com